Website Design and App Development

DigitalWidgetal is a small website design company owned by DigitalWidgetal LLC. We primarily serve small businesses in the Stockton, California area.  Having a website is important for the credibility of your business as are many other things.  We understand why quality website design and support must be only a modest operating expense cost.

Website Design

Let us design you a responsive website that is mobile friendly but expands to a rich display for other devices. A website needs to be more than beautiful. It must perform well, provide a good user experience and as a business site be informative and persuasive to your potential clients. Once we know your business objectives, we will help you achieve them with your website.

Website Support (Including SEO)

We provide ongoing monthly 24/7 support to make needed content changes, work to raise your SEO rankings, monitor your web traffic and keep you in compliance with required privacy options.


Rated One of the Best SEO Agencies in Stockton

We are proud to be chosen by SocialAppsHQ as one of the best-ranked SEO agencies in Stockton for 2023.

Content Creation

We suddenly are in an age of web and mobile content produced by AI.  Blog posts written by ChatGPT can be recognized easily and often contain erroneous information as the AI algorithm makes guesses.  We believe AI should only be used as a research tool for a blog post.  Let us write your blog posts so that information is better organized logically and emphasizes the most relevant information for the reader.

What Else Can We Provide?

We will offer cross-platform mobile apps soon. There are more things we can experiment with to see how they work for you: a mobile app, a chatbot, a video, a ReactJS page, etc.

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